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P.E.P. Budget
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The majority of PEP's budget goes to additional Staff. Here is a little more detail:

  • In-Class Staff

    • ​$392,000 Includes (3) Class Size Reduction teachers (3 of the 20 teachers at Pali)

    • $222,750 for hourly in-class aides that supplement those paid for by the school. Every Kindergarten room has an aide, while the higher grades share aides

  • Enrichments Staff 

    • $80,000 Computer Lab

    • $88,000 P.E. / Social Emotional

    • $43,000 Music & Drama

  • Instructional Support Technology & STEM Project Supplies and programming

  • Enrichments & Beautification Discovery garden, Murals, Additional Yard support

  • Administration Insurance, Taxes & Bookkeeping plus minor expenses for operations

This prioritization is based on parent feedback, which we seek every year.

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