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Ready to chip in?

You will have numerous opportunities to support the school financially throughout the year, BUT 80% of the money raised by P.E.P. comes from recurring and annual donations called "Pali Giving".


Pali Giving 2023 Target

Where does the money go?


The majority of the budget goes towards additional Teachers and staff, reducing class size and enabling core enrichments like Music, Tech, Garden, & P.E.

Three Ways To Donate

Make your check out to

Palisades Enrichment Programs

Bring to front office or to be announced check drop off days







While PEP is extremely grateful to ALL donors, PEP provides these distinctions for our highest donors.

Lead by example and proudly display your PEP donation status.


We will never share your donation level outside of the Pali community and are happy to keep donations anonymous when requested.

How much should I donate?​

First, donation is optional. This target average should help give a sense of where many donations fall, in order to hit this average we will need many donors to donate more or significantly more. Likewise we also expect many donations to be less. We have to rely on our families to donate the most that is financially responsible for them. All donations are generous and valued!


Target Average Donation

Per Child Per Year


100% for filers who itemize

Incredible Value​


For those who can fully deduct their donation, a $2,000 donation can cost $1,200 or less after taxes.*​ Students benefit from the enrichments this money pays for every day. Take some time to think about off campus activities you pay for. Many families spend $100 a week on sports, music, art, etc. Adjusted for taxes, this is the equivalent of an $8,000 annual donation*! 

* assuming 40% top marginal tax rate

It's hard to imagine a better value for your child than a donation to PEP. Students spend 35+ hours at school per week. Let's make every hour as amazing as possible. Read more about where the money goes »

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